5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in San Jose, California

San Jose, the hub of Silicon Valley, is well-known for its diversified population, vibrant industry, and innovative and dynamic lifestyle.

This dynamic metropolis, nestled amid California’s lush hills, is both a cultural melting pot and a technological beacon.

Visions are formed, matured, and realized in the busy workshops of startups and the sprawling campuses of large corporations. However, this city of dreams is not without its troubles, much like a coin with two sides.

In every city, there are areas that shine with success, and then there are those who struggle under the shadow of hardship. Even with its gleaming buildings and thriving economy, San Jose is not an outlier.

Alum Rockā€”East Foothills

Population: 38,948 Violent crime rate: 439 per 100,000 people.

Alum Rock-East Foothills, located on the eastern edge of San Jose, is home to attractions such as the San Jose Country Club and Alum Rock Park. However, the area has significant obstacles.

Alum Rock-East Foothills’ biggest worry is the high expense of housing. With a median property value of $497,323 and a median income of $77,166, many residents struggle to afford housing in this neighborhood.

North San Jose

Its population is 25,144; Violent Crimes: 478 per 100,000

North San Jose, located somewhat north of the city center, is home to the San Jose Municipal Golf Course and other attractions. It does, however, face formidable difficulties.

Residents of North San Jose struggle with high housing costs while having a median income of $104,535. Many locals struggle to purchase a home because the median property price in the area is $349,464.

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Population: 87,113; Violent crime rate: 1,322 per 100,000

Unexpectedly, Downtown San Jose ranks third on our list. Although downtown regions are typically among the most appealing sections in a community, Downtown San Jose faces its own set of challenges.

5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in San Jose, California

Downtown San Jose offers numerous attractions and a median income of $71,036; yet, the high cost of real estate creates issues. With a typical property price of $477,611, many locals struggle to afford to live there.


The population of the fairgrounds is 55,586 and there are 664 violent crimes per 100,000 people.

The second neighborhood on our list is named Fairgrounds, after the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, which are located within its limits. Numerous activities take place on the fairgrounds, but the people’s financial difficulties cast a pall over the festive atmosphere.

The primary source of concern is Fairgrounds’ exorbitant housing costs. While the usual salary is $56,502, the median home price is $409,460. This disparity between income and housing costs has put a burden on many people’s finances.

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Buena Vista

5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in San Jose, California

Population is 1,423; Crimes involving violence: 477 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The first on the list is Buena Vista, a tiny residential neighborhood in southwest San Jose. Despite its appealing moniker (which means “good view”), the location is fraught with obstacles.

The biggest issue in Buena Vista is not a lack of amenities, but rather the excessive cost of living. Buena Vista’s median home value of $420,833 and median income of $44,822 are tough to reconcile. Because of this difference, many locals are unable to purchase homes in the neighborhood.

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Final Words

San Jose, Silicon Valley’s hub, is full of opportunities and creativity. However, beneath its sparkling towers and bustling economy lies a painful reality: affordability issues. The urban landscape is marked by stark contrasts, with some districts benefiting from the city’s growth while others struggling with high housing costs and poor earnings.

However, by admitting the flaws and aggressively pursuing solutions, San Jose can pave the road for a brighter future and ensure that its light is felt by all of its residents, not just a few.


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