Are You Living in One of These 7 Most Richest Counties in Maryland?

Maryland has 23 counties despite being one of the smallest US states. One of the most densely and wealthiest states, by average household income! Which of Maryland’s 23 counties is the richest? Find out about the top seven!

Carroll County

We begin with Carroll County at number seven. It borders the state in the north and had 172,891 residents in 2020. Carroll County is the 136th richest in the US. County inhabitants earn $104,708 on average. Its average investment income is $21,763. The median Carroll County house value is $432,890, which is remarkable. Westminster houses the county seat.

Famous Carroll County residents include Francis Scott Key, author of The Star-Spangled Banner. NCAA world wrestling champion Kyle Snyder hails from the county. Also born there in 1822 was American politician Isaac Newton Roop, the first elected governor of Nevada Territory.

Are You Living in One of These 7 Most Richest Counties in Maryland?

Frederick County

Frederick County follows in Maryland’s wealthiest counties. Directly bordering Carroll County. Frederick is the county seat, and the 2020 census counted 271,717 people. The county median income is $106,129, while its investment income is $23,589. Meanwhile, its average home value is $454,755.

Camp David and Fort Detrick are in Frederick County. Another major employer in the county is Fort Detrick, with 4,600 people as of November 2014. Shadrach Bond, Illinois’ first governor, was born in the county in 1773.

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Queen Anne’s County

Queen Anne’s County, on Maryland’s eastern shore, is fifth among the seven richest counties. The 2020 census counted 49,874. Centreville is the county seat and most populous municipality. Queen Anne of Great Britain, who ruled during the colonial era in 1706, named the county.

Queen Anne County’s median income is $99,597, lower than the previous counties, but its investment income is $34,188. Additionally, its median home value is a respectable $453,101.

Are You Living in One of These 7 Most Richest Counties in Maryland?

Anne Arundel County

Anne Arundel County, known to residents as A.A. County, is named after 1600s English noblewoman Lady Baltimore. The 2020 census counted 588,261. Annapolis, the county seat and state capital, boosts the county’s population. This county was founded in 1650.

Anne Arundel County’s median income is $108,048 and its investment income is $36,268. Finally, at $460,521, its median home value surpasses the previous counties. Famous people from the county include philanthropist and Johns Hopkins University founder Johns Hopkins and television host and entertainer Pat Sajak.

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Calvert County

Calvert County, on Maryland’s southernmost border, ranks third in wealth. The 2020 census counted 92,783 county residents. Prince Frederick is the county seat. The Barons of Baltimore, the first owners of Maryland, gave the county its name. It makes up part of the Calvert Peninsula, which borders the Chesapeake Bay to the east.

The median income of Calvert County’s residents is a comfortable $120,295 per year. Meanwhile, its average investment income is around $23,775. Finally, the average value of a home in Calvert County is $436,469.

As far as famous residents from Calvert County go, there are too many to list, with some of the more notable people being First Lady Louisa Adams, wife of John Quincy Adams, First Lady Margaret Taylor, wife of Zachary Taylor, and acclaimed author Tom Clancy.

Howard County

Are You Living in One of These 7 Most Richest Counties in Maryland?

Maryland’s second-richest county is Howard County, with a population of 334,529 as of the 2020 census. Its county seat is the unincorporated community of Ellicott City. Notably, Maryland’s official center of population is located in the Howard County town of Jessup. The county is known for its highly educated, wealthy residents and high standard of living, with nearly 64% of people living there having attained at least a bachelor’s degree.

Howard County’s current median income is a whopping $129,549 per year. Its average investment income is $34,450, while its median home value is an astonishing $570,932. The county has earned a wide array of awards for its impressive quality of life, such as Forbes Magazine’s 4th richest county in America in 2017 and the Best Place to Live in America according to CNN and Money Magazine multiple years from 2006 to 2016.

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Montgomery County

Are You Living in One of These 7 Most Richest Counties in Maryland?

Finally, topping the list of Maryland’s richest counties is none other than Montgomery County. In addition to being the state’s richest county, it’s also the most populous, with a population of 1,062,061 as of the 2020 census. Its official county seat is located in Rockville, while the most populous city in the county is Germantown. As well as being Maryland’s wealthiest county, Montgomery County also ranked 20th in the entire country when it comes to average household income in 2020.

But let’s take a closer look at the county’s actual statistics. Its median income is an impressive $117,345, while its average investment income tops the list at $57,952. Meanwhile, the average value of a home in Montgomery County is $582,406.


In summary, Maryland boasts several affluent counties, with Montgomery County emerging as the wealthiest. Howard, Calvert, Anne Arundel, Queen Anne’s, Frederick, and Carroll counties also feature prominently, showcasing high median incomes, substantial investment earnings, and impressive home values, making them standout contributors to Maryland’s status as one of the nation’s wealthiest states.


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