Statistics Reveal The City with the Highest Suicide Rate in the US

In Wyoming, the city with the highest suicide rate is Casper. This city, with a population of nearly 60,000, has been significantly affected by this tragic issue. The suicide rate in Wyoming as a whole is more than double the national average, standing at 30.5 suicides per 100,000 persons in 2020, making it the highest rate per capita in the nation.

Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters revealed that officers respond to suicide calls twice as often as they do to shoplifting incidents.

Lance Neiberger, who lost his son Lyle to suicide, has taken on the responsibility of raising awareness and prevention efforts. He shares Lyle’s story with schools in the surrounding area and leads the Natrona County Suicide Prevention Task Force in Casper.

Statistics Reveal The City with the Highest Suicide Rate in the US

Neiberger hopes that by sharing his experience, he can save at least one life. The task force meets monthly to plan events, pool resources, and track lives lost to suicide. The given below table shows the annual suicide rates per 1,00,000 people in the cities with the highest suicide rate:

CitySuicide Rate (per 100,000)

Reasons Behind the High Suicide Rate in Casper

  • Limited access to mental health resources: Wyoming has a shortage of mental health professionals, making it difficult for individuals to access timely and appropriate care, especially in rural areas like Casper.
  • Rural Landscape: Wyoming’s vast and sparsely populated rural areas can make it challenging for individuals to access mental health resources. The state’s land mass is substantial, making it the tenth-largest state in the country, but its population is the smallest. Even if someone wants help, it might be a long way from their location.
  • Traditional Attitudes: Wyoming, often called the Cowboy State, has a culture that emphasizes self-reliance and stoicism. The “real men” mentality prevails, where individuals are taught to tackle problems independently without seeking assistance. This attitude can lead to reluctance to seek professional help when needed.
Statistics Reveal The City with the Highest Suicide Rate in the US
  • Economic and social isolation: Wyoming’s population density is one of the lowest in the nation, which can contribute to feelings of isolation and loneliness, particularly for vulnerable populations.
  • Firearm accessibility: Wyoming has a high rate of firearm ownership, and research suggests easy access to firearms increases the risk of suicide attempts being lethal.
  • History of Trauma or Abuse: Individuals who have experienced trauma or abuse may be at a higher risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Initiatives Taken by the State to Address the Problem

Wyoming has recognized the urgency of addressing its mental health crisis and has launched several initiatives to improve outcomes for those battling mental health issues. Here are some key efforts:

Mental Health Roadmap: Governor Mark Gordon unveiled the “Mental Health Roadmap”, a comprehensive strategy aimed at advancing systemic behavioral health reform in Wyoming. The roadmap focuses on five critical pillars: access to care; affordability of care; quality of care; innovation; suicide prevention and anti-stigma efforts

Each pillar has specific priorities and key strategies. The roadmap builds upon existing programs and reflects collaborative efforts across Wyoming, including work by the legislative and judicial branches.

Existing Programs and Initiatives

Statistics Reveal The City with the Highest Suicide Rate in the US
  • Mental Health Diversion Court Pilot Project: Already underway in Campbell County, this project aims to divert individuals with mental health issues away from the criminal justice system and toward appropriate treatment.
  • Healthcare Workforce Development: Efforts through the Wyoming Innovation Partnership focus on building a skilled mental health workforce.
  • Veterans Talking to Veterans: A peer support program that connects veterans to provide emotional support and understanding.
  • Wyoming 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline: Full funding for the hotline, along with the addition of text and chat services.
  • Redesign of Community Behavioral Health Services: Enhancing community-based mental health services.
  • Pediatric Virtual Mental Health Services: Funding to support mental health services for children.


It’s essential to recognize that mental health challenges affect everyone, regardless of gender or the “cowboy-up” attitude often associated with Wyoming. Seeking help and supporting one another can make a significant difference in preventing suicide and promoting well-being. While Casper faces significant challenges, efforts to raise awareness and provide support are crucial in combating this crisis.


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