Explore the History of the Oldest Town in Nevada

Nevada encompasses more than just Las Vegas. Its southwestern boundary includes California, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, and Idaho.

It contains several old communities and even ghost towns. Can you determine the age of Nevada’s oldest town? Follow along and find out!

What is the oldest town in Nevada?

Genoa is Nevada’s oldest town, having been founded between 1851 and 1852. This ancient mining community is located in Douglas County, Western Nevada. Genoa existed before the Territory of Nevada was formed. The Mormon pioneers were the first to settle here.

Explore the History of the Oldest Town in Nevada

The History of Genoa

Genoa originated in the Mexican territory of Alta California. It was a trading post called Mormon Station. The community grew fast because it was a popular rest stop along the Carson Route on the California Trail. By 1852, the village had a blacksmith shop and sawmills.

Fun fact: the state’s first newspaper was established in Genoa in 1858 before moving to Virginia City in 1860. Virginia City is another historic permanent settlement in Nevada.

About Genoa

Genoa has a total area of 9.19 square miles. The population of this old unincorporated community is approximately 1,300. It is located on the western side of Carson Valley. Genoa is home to the Genoa Historic District. It’s a wonderful neighborhood full with historic Victorian-style structures. Also in Genoa is the Mormon Station State Historic Park, also known as the Mormon Station.

Where is Genoa located on a map?

Explore the History of the Oldest Town in Nevada

Genoa, Nevada’s oldest town, is located in Douglas County, in the state’s west. Its proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountain range makes it an ideal site for scenic views. Carson City, the state capital, is just 12 miles north of Genoa, and a meandering 20-mile journey takes you to the famous Lake Tahoe in the west.

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Best time to visit Genoa

The ideal time to visit Genoa, Nevada is between May and September. It’s busiest in the summer. It is also worth noting that Genoa is an extremely hot place. High temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit are normal during the summer.

If you want to escape the heat, you can visit Genoa, Nevada in the winter, however, it may be frigid. In December, the average low temperature can reach 22.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter is a great time to visit if you want to see snow-covered historic structures.

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Things to do in Nevada’s oldest town

Explore the History of the Oldest Town in Nevada

So, what’s there to do in Genoa, Nevada? You will not get bored while touring this interesting medieval town. For example, you could spend hours touring Mormon Station State Historic Park. This park has a museum that is a recreation of a log cabin trade station. You can also go to the Campbell Homestead, a historic property erected in the 1900s.

Aside from the state park, you can also visit the Genoa Bar & Saloon. This historic pub is the oldest in the state, having opened in 1853. It’s quite a sight to behold. Inside the ancient bar, there are numerous original oil paintings as well as an actual wanted poster from 1865 hunting for President Abraham Lincoln’s then-unknown killer.

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Genoa, the oldest town in Nevada, founded in 1851-1852, boasts a rich history rooted in its origins as a trading post on the Carson Route of the California Trail. This unincorporated town, with its Victorian-style buildings, Mormon Station State Historic Park, and the historic Genoa Bar & Saloon, invites visitors to explore its heritage. Whether enjoying summer warmth or winter’s snow-covered charm, Genoa promises a unique and captivating experience.

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