The Nation’s Lowest-Rated Pizza Chain Has 14 New Jersey Locations

To be completely honest, pizza is similar to cake in that even if you get a lousy piece, you’re still eating cake, so you can’t really complain.

Pizza is the same way; a lousy slice is upsetting, but you can still eat it!

The Nation's Lowest-Rated Pizza Chain Has 14 New Jersey Locations

That being said, eating a slice of high-quality, tasty pizza is an experience rather than a meal. For example, consuming a couple of Domino slices is considerably different from eating a Sawmill slice.

But sometimes you’re in a hurry and will accept whatever you can get.

One of America’s Worst Pizza Chains has 14 New Jersey locations.

Given how many fantastic local mom-and-pop pizza shops there are in Jersey, it is constantly surprising that chains are still popular.

Examples include Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Little Ceasers.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with them, but when you have the choice between Brooklyn Square, Slice House, and Capone’s, it seems obvious.

Recently, 247 Wall Street produced a list of 5 pizza restaurants to avoid in 2024, and the number one ranking was quite startling, as well as the amount of Jersey sites.

The Nation's Lowest-Rated Pizza Chain Has 14 New Jersey Locations

They conducted a survey across the country to determine the worst pizza shops, and the results were overwhelming.

Domino’s, Papa John’s, and CiCi’s topped the list, while 247 Wall Street ranked Chuck E. Cheese as the worst pizza place.

Chuck E. Cheese has 14 locations in New Jersey, and neither you nor anyone else had considered going there for pizza.

247 According to Wall Street, Chuck E. Cheese ranked at the bottom of the list due to subpar ingredients and terrible crust.

Again, it is quite difficult not to see Chuck E. Cheese as a pizza establishment, but rather as an arcade that sells pizza when you get hungry.

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