What is a ‘Waffle Baby’ and Why is it Trending on Social Media?

When you read “Waffle Baby,” what springs to mind initially?

scrumptious-sounding dish on the breakfast menu? Someone who constantly complains about their own lack of clarity?

Waffle Baby’s Origin Story

When TikTok user @viidadari posted a video of her newborn baby Zuko on February 25, it became the first known sighting of the Waffle Baby. Zuko appeared to have just woken up from a nap.

“Sleep well,” the post wishes.

In his post-nap fog, Zuko can be seen slowing down in the footage. He had been resting on a rough pad or mattress of some kind.

He must have slept well because the side of his face now has a comical indentation in the mattress/pad pattern.

Waffle Baby Goes Viral

Since it was uploaded less than two weeks ago, the video has received an astounding 91.7 million views.

The TikTok user @jay_s819 wrote, “Baby just had the best nap of his life and his life just started.”

Due to the original video’s popularity, Zuko’s sleep-related escapades have been followed up on. Earlier this week, a video with the title “Grumpy Waffle Baby” was posted.

Waffle Baby switches his expression pattern to a stance where he points one leg in the air when he nods off in his carrier rather than his cot.

He seemed so content. Who are we to pass judgment?

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