NYPD Reports an 8-year-old Boy Caught With a Gun at a Brooklyn School

An 8-year-old child was caught bringing a gun to a Brooklyn school twice in the last two days, authorities said.

Officers discovered the handgun in the student’s backpack at PS 158, 400 Ashford St., near Pitkin and Belmont avenues, at about 10:35 a.m. Thursday, according to the NYPD. Police said the boy threatened a pupil with the same gun on Wednesday. There were no injuries reported in either instance.

The School Safety Union reports that the school does not have metal detectors.

According to a DOE source, the school will write a letter to all of the families regarding the occurrence and will cooperate with the NYPD and the ACS in the inquiry.

“It’s quite concerning that a youngster this young has access to such a dangerous weapon, and we appreciate our school communities’ efforts to keep our students safe every day. “All safety procedures were followed in response to this incident, and all students and faculty are safe,” the source stated.

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