New Jersey’s Top 3 Most Favorite Pie Flavors Revealed

Everybody enjoys pie! If you thought folks only wanted pie during the holidays, think again. According to reports, New Jersey residents enjoy pie throughout the year.

Some of us might not be a huge pie fan. But, like every other normal American, we surely adore it around the holidays, but after that, we might prefer ice cream or cheesecake. However, my tastes are not objective. When it comes to people from the Garden State, I seem to get a lot of pushback in the dessert department.

New Jersey adores their pie.

New Jersey's Top 3 Most Favorite Pie Flavors Revealed

Cake or Pie: Which Dessert is Better?

Just when you thought German Chocolate Cake or Cannolis were the most popular desserts in New Jersey, you realize how much people love pie here. Now, if you had said cobbler, I might have understood. Unfortunately, I’m in the minority on this one, but New Jersey has spoken. Who am I to object?

Pie is truly the American dessert staple. People love it during the winter vacations and even on the Fourth of July. It’s understandable that people have strong opinions about the flavors they perceive to be the best.

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New Jersey’s Favorite Pie Flavors

New Jersey citizens enjoy good competition. That’s why it’s not surprising that New Jersey citizens have ranked the finest pie flavors. used Google Analytics to discover New Jersey consumers’ top three favorite pie varieties. If you thought pumpkin pie was the favorite, you’d be mistaken.

New Jersey's Top 3 Most Favorite Pie Flavors Revealed
RankPopular Pie FlavorYearly Search Volume
1Apple Pie38900
2Key Lime Pie33400
3Pumpkin Pie29830

New Jersey’s favorite pie is the all-time American classic, Apple Pie. It receives almost 38,900 annual searches on Google! However, Key Lime Pie and Pumpkin Pie follow closely behind it.

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