Have You Ever Visited the Highest Point in Mississippi?

Mississippi is one of the low-lying states in the United States. Mississippi is located in the American South, bordering the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Arkansas. The twisting Mississippi River forms the state’s western border.

Mississippi has no actual mountains; instead, it features a broad coastal plain covered in fertile farmland and swampland. But every state has a high point, including Mississippi. The issue is, how high is the tallest peak in Mississippi?

Read on to learn more about Mississippi’s highest point. Finally, we will look at the other four highest points in Mississippi and where they are located.

The Highest Point in Mississippi

Have You Ever Visited the Highest Point in Mississippi?

Woodall Mountain, at 806 feet above sea level, is Mississippi’s highest peak. The peak is clearly visible from the surrounding area, which has about 300 feet of prominence (visible elevation).

Woodall Mountain, also known by its historic name Yow Hill, is located in the state’s extreme northeastern corner. The top is marked by a big boulder with a plaque indicating the state’s highest point. The surrounding landscape is characterized by tall, mixed woodlands with low undergrowth.

Because of its prominence, Woodall Mountain provides spectacular vistas, particularly on clear days. Sunrise and sunset are particularly wonderful times to visit. However, Woodall Mountain is recognized for more than simply its breathtaking views.

It is also renowned as one of the state’s bloodiest high points. In 1862, Union and Confederate Civil War soldiers fought for possession of the hill in the “Battle of Iuka.” Of fact, Woodall Mountain was previously known as Yow Mountain.

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Mississippi’s Topography

Have You Ever Visited the Highest Point in Mississippi?

Mississippi, located in the American South, does not have any mountains. In fact, the average state elevation is only 300 feet above sea level. The Gulf of Mexico has the lowest elevation in the state, measuring 0 feet above sea level. Mississippi’s terrain also includes a huge coastal plain. This produces good farming soil, but it can also cause flooding issues.

Interestingly, Mississippi’s highest point is not part of the coastal plain. Instead, Woodall Mountain is referred to as a monadnock. A monadnock is a location or region composed of tougher material than the surrounding area. Woodall Mountain is made of sandstone with iron impurities. This composition resulted in Woodall Mountain becoming the state’s highest point.

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Where is Woodall Mountain on a Map?

Have You Ever Visited the Highest Point in Mississippi?

Tishomingo County, in the northeast of Mississippi, is home to Woodall Mountain. It’s roughly 5 miles to the next city, Luka, 15 miles to Tishomingo State Park, and 60 miles to Tupelo, Elvis Presley’s birthplace.

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Mississippi’s Five Highest Spots

Woodall Mountain (806 feet) is Mississippi’s highest point. Now, let’s look at the top five tallest points around the state. Two positions are tied for second place at 780 feet above sea level. These are Tippah Hills and Lebanon Mountain. The Malone Benchmark ranks third with an elevation of 771 feet.

The Union County High Point, at 760 feet elevation, is Mississippi’s fourth highest point. Crum Mountain, in Alcorn County, is the fifth highest, rising 725 feet above sea level.


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