Police Confirm Meth Lab Explosion in New York State Home

It goes without saying that preparing or consuming methamphetamine at home (or elsewhere) is exceedingly dangerous.

According to the National Library of Medicine, cooking or smoking meth in a residential home not only “contaminates the house” but also the furnishings and numerous personal objects within it.

Police said a residence in the town of Veteran, NY (near Horseheads) recently exploded, which was directly caused by the synthesis of methamphetamine.

According to the NLoM, new inhabitants may unwittingly move into a property where meth was previously made, resulting in a variety of “adverse health effects”. UNC Professor Glenn Morrison, PhD, told Yahoo Lifestyle that the residual effects of a meth lab can last for months or even years.

A meth lab exploded in upstate New York.

According to WBNG, a blast occurred inside the detached garage of a Chemung County household on March 9. According to the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office, the explosion was caused by the manufacture of meth.

According to WNBG, the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division and the New York State Police discovered an “active one-methamphetamine lab” as well as equipment and meth.

According to WBNG, a 42-year-old home resident “suffered significant burns to his body”. Police said charges are pending.

Meth labs are not simply an issue in rural New York. In 2022, Frank A. Tarantino III, special agent in charge of the DEA New York Division, told The New York Post, “New York (City) is seeing the sharpest rise in methamphetamine seizures ever recorded.”

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