Hillcrest HS Student’s Fatal Shooting Prompts FBI to Open Tip Line for Information

Amanda Lenoir, Marshawn Mitchell’s devastated and grieving mother, wants everyone to know how much he was loved as she pleads with the community to assist police and the FBI in finding his killer.

“Since he left, I’ve only seen darkness. “The light in my life has gone,” Lenoir remarked. “That was my only child.” We had so many goals and dreams, and it feels like we’ve both been robbed of them.”

The 14-year-old freshman, who had only been at Hillcrest High School for three days, was shot and killed over six months ago.

I only see darkness right now. The light in my life has gone.

It occurred on the evening of September 15, 2023, when someone opened fire on a large group of teenagers leaving a Friday night homecoming football game in south suburban Country Club Hills.

According to authorities, Mitchell may not have been the original target.

“I’m praying that they solve this case and bring some type of closure to me and my family,” Lenoir said in a statement.

Suburban police investigators recently requested the FBI’s assistance after their investigation went cold, and several parents of the other kids present that night were hesitant to have their children disclose what they knew for safety reasons.

The FBI’s Chicago office has established a digital media tip line. Investigators are requesting that anyone have digital data relevant to the incident go online and upload them.

It is the first digital line established by the local FBI office since the Highland Park parade shooting inquiry in 2022.

“What we want when we open a tip line is any footage, no matter how brief or fuzzy. We’re looking for any audio that has been recorded. “People may be unaware that they have the murderer on tape,” stated FBI Special Agent Siobhan Johnson.

Mitchell’s family described him as a skilled athlete who planned to play football at Hillcrest and eventually play in the NFL, like his elder cousin.

The boy and his mother had a close bond, which was strengthened when he graduated from eighth grade the same week she graduated from nursing school.

Lenoir expressed gratitude to those who have supported her, admitting that it has been difficult to heal and cope with her loss.

“I still need to go on. I’ve absolutely given up on life, so I’m trying to rediscover myself, you know, to do what Marshawn would want me to do,” Lenoir explained.

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