Woman Forced With Gun and Taser Attack to Give PIN, Chicago Police Report

Four men attacked and robbed a lady in Jefferson Park, then returned and tortured her with a Taser until she gave over her bank card PIN, according to a Chicago police arrest report. The report surfaced after authorities charged one individual, Sharron Powell, 22, with involvement in the January 29 attack.

The victim was on a sidewalk in the 5400 block of West Lawrence when the trio arrived in a stolen automobile and approached her around 4:05 a.m.

You may recall watching this video of the robbery a few weeks back:

Powell threatened her with a handgun, struck her with a Taser or shock gun, and held her down so she couldn’t flee, according to the police report. While she was down, he ripped her pants and threatened to rape her, according to the allegation. He is not accused of acting on the purported threat.

After taking the woman’s belongings, the group fled in a vehicle, only to return seconds later to beat her again until she disclosed her PIN, according to the complaint.

Powell allegedly attacked the woman with a handgun again and kept her down while zapping her with a stun gun.

Powell was detained by Chicago police officers in Schaumburg last week after the victim recognized him in a photo lineup, according to authorities.

Judge William Fahy approved the state’s custody motion. Powell faces two counts each of armed robbery with a firearm, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and aggravated illegal restraint.

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