Police Officer Forced Man to Lick Urine off Cell Floor, Report Claims

A former police officer pleaded guilty in federal court on Thursday to forcing a man to lick urine from the floor of a holding cell. According to court filings, Michael Christian Green, 26, repeatedly instructed the victim to “lick it up” and “suck it up right now.” The charge is a violation of civil rights under color of law.

“To be clear, this occurrence is deeply troubling to City officials. Michael Green does not reflect the ideals and standards of the Pearl Police Department,” the city of Pearl, Mississippi, declared in a statement acquired by Law&Crime. “The charged actions have both embarrassed and dishonored the faithful officers who serve and protect our City every day.”

The incident occurred on December 23, 2023. According to papers, Green was assigned to a family disturbance at the Sam’s Club on Bass Pro Drive.

He arrested a man, transported him to the police station, and placed him in a holding cell.

According to federal authorities, surveillance footage showed the man pounding on the holding cell’s door.

“[The man] attempted to communicate to Green that he needed to urinate,” according to court filings. “After waiting a period of time for a response, [the man] walked to the back of the cell and urinated in a corner.”

Green eventually escorted the man to the booking area but then discovered that he had peed.

“Green answered the booking area telephone and was notified that [the man] had urinated in the holding cell,” according to court papers. “Green looked at the man and said, ‘Let me tell you something.'” Do you see this phone? I’m gonna beat your f—— ass with it. You’re about to go in there and lick the piss up. “Do you understand what I am saying?”

He escorted the victim to the detention cell and used his phone to record. Green persisted in his demand that the victim lick the urine, even after the man gagged numerous times.

According to the city, the event was reported on December 24, and an internal investigation was launched immediately. The city stated that Green resigned on December 27.

Mayor Jake Windham stated in a news conference that he informed the top lieutenant at the time — while then-Police Chief Dean Scott was in the hospital — that if Green did not quit, they would hold a special meeting and he would suggest that Green be fired immediately. According to city spokesman Therese Apel, firing someone in Pearl requires approval from the whole board of aldermen.

“I don’t understand how you treat someone like that,” Windham stated during the press conference. “The proper thing to do was to take the gentleman to the restroom and not do anything of this magnitude and violate his civil rights.”

He offered an apology to the individual and his family.

Green is set for a sentencing on June 12. He faces up to one year in prison.

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