Latest Census Revealed Over 80% of Illinois Counties Losing Population

The migration from Illinois continues.

According to new research from the Illinois Policy Institute, Illinois’ population declined in all eight Illinois-based metro areas and 87 of the state’s 102 counties between July 2022 and July 2023.

Using the most recent statistics published by the United States Census Bureau, IPI discovered that Chicago’s population loss accounted for over half of the state’s total reduction of 41,000 persons in 2023.

Latest Census Revealed Over 80% of Illinois Counties Losing Population

When the overall number of people that went out is combined with the 8,300 who migrated to Illinois, the net decline is approximately 33,000. In addition to Chicago, metropolitan communities including Decatur, Springfield, and Bloomington-Normal had significant population reductions.

Cook County saw the nation’s second-largest county population decrease, with almost 58,000 residents leaving the area. Some have chosen to move to the suburbs, while others have fled the state. Only Los Angeles County, California, had more residents relocate.

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“It is affecting every corner of the state,” stated Bryce Hill, head of Fiscal and Economic Research. “It’s not just a Chicago problem, it’s not just a downstate problem, it’s affecting communities across the state.”

Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s administration said it will continue to challenge the state’s predicted population loss. In January, after requesting a review, the U.S. Census decided to miss or undercount people living in group facilities in the 2020 Census.

Latest Census Revealed Over 80% of Illinois Counties Losing Population

“I’m pleased that the Census Bureau has recognized the undercounting that I and many members of Illinois’ Congressional Delegation have worked to remedy since the 2020 census results were first released,” Mr. Pritzker said in a statement.

Hill stated that the new figures are not an outlier.

“Population decline is in its tenth consecutive year according to Census Bureau estimates, so it’s been a growing trend,” Hill added.

Hill stated that residents are fleeing for places with lower taxes, such as Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Texas. According to the study, 97% of Illinoisans who leave the state will go to lower-tax jurisdictions by 2022.

“If lawmakers don’t take steps to reduce the crippling burden of taxes on residents, people will likely continue to leave Illinois as they have done for the past decade,” Hill said.

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