New Jersey aims to eliminate public access to voting records

In Trenton, a drive is underway to remove voter registration records from public view on the internet in New Jersey. The action comes in the wake of allegations of voter fraud, tampering with voting rolls, and the inclusion of potentially illegal voters.

Citizens and journalists can conduct their own voter registration research and investigations using public records made available online.

Democrats in Trenton now want to hide voter registration rolls from the public.

Legislation in New Jersey aims to protect voter privacy

The New Jersey Legislature has presented Assembly Bill No. 4897, which prohibits the posting of statewide voter registration information on the Internet.

The bill, sponsored by Assembly members Verlina Reynolds-Jackson, William W. Spearman, and Benjie E. Wimberly, attempts to tighten voter data privacy through amendments to current legislation.

The proposal focuses on sharing voter registration information online, which is currently permitted under certain conditions. Select officials and entities have access to the Statewide Voter Registration System, including the Secretary of State, designated executive departments, county and municipal clerks, and political party chairmen. Printed voter lists are made accessible to voters and district boards for a small cost.

The proposed legislation emphasizes the significance of protecting voter information by limiting its availability on the Internet. This change comes in response to growing worries about privacy and the potential misuse of voter information. The bill intends to improve the security of New Jersey voters’ personal information by limiting online access.

Voter registration records contain solely public information and have always been made available to ensure voting and election integrity. Those records are used to determine who is registered to vote, and which political party they support, and New Jersey aims to eliminate public access to voting records when and where they voted. The records do not reveal who the person voted for, nor do they contain any additional information that is not already publicly available.

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