This Fast-Growing Chain in the US is Set to Open 25 Restaurants in 2024

America has no shortage of chicken restaurants, thanks to big chains like Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, which each have hundreds of locations, as well as all of the excellent local chicken eateries that can be found across the country.

However, some diners may soon have another chicken spot to sample, as a booming chain hopes to rapidly expand by 2024.

Pollo Campero, a fast-growing business, sells chicken sandwiches, salads, and a variety of sides, as well as bone-in chicken that can be grilled or fried.

This Fast-Growing Chain in the US is Set to Open 25 Restaurants in 2024

According to Restaurant Dive, the brand was formed in Guatemala in 1971 but first came to the United States in 2002, when it opened a location in Los Angeles. Pollo Campero has had a presence in the United States for more than two decades, but it has recently increased its expansion efforts.

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According to QSR Magazine, Pollo Campero will launch 11 new restaurants in 2023 in New York, Georgia, Texas, California, Florida, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, some of which will be completely new markets for them.

This year, the business hopes to outperform itself by launching at least 25 new stores around the country. Pollo Campero is also expected to exceed the 100-store mark in the United States this month, marking yet another significant milestone in its expansion.

This Fast-Growing Chain in the US is Set to Open 25 Restaurants in 2024
This Fast-Growing Chain in the US is Set to Open 25 Restaurants in 2024

According to local media sites, Pollo Campero aims to expand into Minnesota and Tennessee. Fans can keep an eye out for further information on other upcoming openings throughout 2024.

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Pollo Campero unveiled its ambitious expansion plans at a time when its business appears to be thriving. According to QSR Magazine, the company’s revenue increased by 19% in 2023 and its transaction count increased by 13.3% over 2022.

Last year, it also introduced a few intriguing new dishes, such as macaroni and cheese, and a breakfast menu, which is presently being tested in a few regions but will be available in more this year.

“2023 was a great year for our growth, both in terms of unit count and other progress made for the system as a whole,” said Blas Escarcega, vice president of franchise development.

Pollo Campero is not the only business that intends to aggressively expand in 2024. The breakfast and lunch brand First Watch stated earlier this month that it plans to launch 51 to 57 net new restaurants this year. Meanwhile, Wingstop intends to open 270 net new restaurants internationally in 2024, following 255 net new sites in 2023.

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