US Cities That Will Give You Europe’s Vibes

These days, it appears like every American you know is in Europe. As you go through your social media feed, you may experience twinges or even deluges of FOMO. However, it is possible that your wallet is not quite ready for an overseas vacation, that you were unable to update your passport in time, or that you are simply unprepared for such a long airline flight.

Whatever your reason for sticking at home, we’ve got you covered with this list of cities in the United States that resemble those in Europe.

Explore the charming spires, red roofs, half-timbering, windmills, and cobblestone paths that provide a sense of international travel. And if your Instagram game is strong, you might even deceive folks into believing you’re over there.

Tarpon Springs, Florida

US Cities That Will Give You Europe's Vibes

Feels most like Greece

If you can’t make it to Santorini this year, the next best option might be Florida. This gulf city is well-known for three things: being the “sponge capital of the world” (yep, you read that correctly), having 51 miles of gorgeous coastline, and having a Greek background.

Greek eateries fill the main street, Dodecanese Boulevard, as a remnant of the Greek sponge divers who came here in the early twentieth century. Browse art galleries, antique stores, and specialized businesses housed in historic buildings from the 1800s.

Solvang, California

US Cities That Will Give You Europe's Vibes

Feels most like Denmark

The Danish Capital of America boasts true old-world buildings, thatched roofs, and windmills. Bonus: the movie Sideways was filmed here, which makes sense given that this is the Santa Ynez Valley wine area.

Danish Days takes place in September and features three parades, folk dancing, music, and even a Viking Encampment. Julefest is also a big deal here as Christmas approaches.

Helen, Georgia

US Cities That Will Give You Europe's Vibes

Feels the most like Germany

This town is lovely, with balconies, pitched roofs, and red half-timbering reminiscent of a distant Bavarian village. The rural ambiance of the Blue Ridge mountains, the forestland, and the river meandering through all contribute to the sense of being in the Alps.

The three-story Heidelberg (which includes a music hall and a pub), the Hofbrauhaus, the Bodensee, and other establishments serve traditional German cuisine. Of course, there are breweries and vineyards, and the Bavarian Clockworks sells a Black Forest cuckoo clock as a souvenir to commemorate your journey to “Germany.”

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New Glarus, Wisconsin

Feels most like Switzerland

New Glarus, a 19th-century Swiss settlement that still prides itself on its chalet-style architecture and old-world charm, has some of the best beer, cheese, and farms in the Midwest.

Only-in-Wisconsin beers like Spotted Cow, Moon Man, and other New Glarus Brewing brews are worth the trip alone, but to get the full experience, visit the village during one of its annual events, such as the Wilhelm Tell Festival in September, Oktoberfest celebrations, the Edelweiss bike tour, or the Swiss Volksfest (Swiss Independence Day).

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Holland, Michigan

US Cities That Will Give You Europe's Vibes

Feels most like Holland

The town of Holland, founded by Calvinist separatists who emigrated to Michigan from the Netherlands in the mid-nineteenth century, continues to honor its Dutch roots. To begin your Dutch day, stop into deBoer Bakkerij for some classic pastries.

After that, head across town to Veldheer Tulip Gardens, where 6 million of the eponymous flowers bloom each spring, or take a leisurely stroll through Windmill Island Gardens, a picturesque park centered on a still-working Dutch windmill purchased by Holland residents in the 1960s (tour the five floors inside).

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Leavenworth, Washington

Feels the most like Germany

Leavenworth, inspired by the Cascade Mountains that surround it, was renovated in the 1960s to resemble a German village.

And the town didn’t stop with looks. In addition to architectural improvements that transformed the Pacific Northwest community into a Bavarian-style village, eateries offering German beer and food now line the main street, and The Nutcracker Museum houses 9,000 nutcrackers from 50 different nations, some of which date back centuries.

The town also hosts a number of European-inspired events; visit Leavenworth in the fall and winter for the Autumn Leaf Festival and the Christmastown Festival, during which the town is wonderfully illuminated.

Saint Augustine, Florida

US Cities That Will Give You Europe's Vibes

Feels most like Spain

St. Augustine, founded by Spanish invaders on Florida’s Atlantic coast in 1565, is the oldest city in the United States and can compete with any city in Spain for a beach holiday.

Among its oldest treasures are the imposing Castillo de San Marcos, a 17th-century Spanish stone fortress with views of the St. Augustine Inlet, the oldest wooden schoolhouse, and The Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, which teaches about the Spanish founders and the Native Americans they displaced.

To explore additional antiques, visit the Lightner Museum, a masterpiece of Spanish Renaissance Revival architecture.

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Pella, Iowa

US Cities That Will Give You Europe's Vibes

Feels similar to Holland

A lot of Holland survives in this village formed by Dutch immigrants who built a town out of plains where there was only a stake and a sign reading “Pella.”

Explore the Historical Village‘s 22-period buildings with the Vermeer Windmill, discover a second windmill close at the Sunken Gardens, see the 1848 Scholte House, and dine and shop at numerous traditional establishments.

The three-day Tulip Time Festival takes place in the spring, with hundreds of people dressed in formal clothes to celebrate their ancestry. You may also see workers manufacturing wooden clogs.

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Experience the allure of Europe without leaving the United States by visiting these charming cities. From the Greek ambiance of Tarpon Springs to the Swiss charm of New Glarus, each destination offers a taste of European culture and architecture, providing a delightful alternative for those unable to travel overseas.


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