Iconic MiMo Restaurant is All Set to Move and Expand, Fans Excited

After 12 years (a lifetime in Miami time), Blue Collar is finally leaving its small, 800-square-foot space at the historic Biscayne Hotel. But it’s not the end for the elevated comfort food restaurant or its long-standing bond with the city’s lovely MiMo district.

In April, Blue Collar will relocate to a 4,000-square-foot property at 6789 Biscayne Boulevard, which previously housed chef José Mendín’s Patio Isola and La Placita. For the first time, the famous restaurant will feature a full bar, an enlarged menu, and significantly more indoor and outdoor dining space.

Danny Serfer, the passionate chef-owner of Blue Collar and another local favorite, Mignonette, swears that things will not alter significantly: “I can assure folks that ‘The New Blue’ will embrace the same spirit, menu concept, and pricing as ‘Classic Blue,'” he adds.

Iconic MiMo Restaurant is All Set to Move and Expand, Fans Excited

Blue Collar’s latest iteration, with a considerably larger kitchen and space for 140 diners between the dining room and patio, will expand on its current menu of tasty homestyle cuisine. Expect fresh daily items such as soups (including a year-round matzo ball soup), chops, and house-made pasta and bread.

The new full bar will focus on classic cocktails, such as martinis, old fashioned, and cosmos, rather than “handlebar mustached mixologists and drinks that take 30 minutes to make,” according to Serfer. Yes, there will be a happy hour at the freshly erected bar.

Serfer confirms that Blue Collar’s original home will remain in the family. “The space is precious to me and I’ll be introducing something 100% new there when the time is right.”

Blue Collar will close at 6730 Biscayne Boulevard in late March or early April to make the official shift to 6789, which will open by the end of April 2024, according to the team. Lunch, happy hour, and supper will be served first, with breakfast and brunch following shortly afterward.

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