Illinois Prison Review board member resigns following release of man linked to boy’s stabbing death

A member of Illinois’ Prison Review Board resigned on Monday after backing the parole of a man who attacked his ex-girlfriend and killed her 11-year-old kid the day after he was released from prison.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker stated in a news release that board member LeAnn Miller, who conducted a parole hearing for Crosetti Brand, stepped down, saying that he believed she made the “correct decision” in doing so.

According to court filings, Brand broke into his ex-girlfriend’s Edgewater apartment on March 13 as she was about to drive her 11-year-old son, Jayden Perkins, and his 6-year-old sibling to school. According to authorities, Brand repeatedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend, with whom he had a connection approximately 15 years ago. When Jayden attempted to interfere and protect his mother, Brand stabbed him, authorities said.

Chicago police earlier stated that Brand had a “history of domestic abuse” and three orders of protection against him. He most recently served time in prison for breaking an order of protection while on parole after serving a 16-year term for house invasion and severe violence.

Court documents indicated a long history of domestic abuse against the boy’s mother, who filed many orders of protection against Brand and contacted authorities. Both police and prosecutors questioned why he had been granted parole despite his violent history.

“Let me start by saying this is something that should never have happened,” Chicago Police Supt. Larry Snelling stated at a prior press conference following Jayden’s death and the stabbing of his mother.

The boy’s mother requested a new order of protection weeks before the attack, noting that Brand had sent text messages threatening to kill her and her family, according to papers. He later showed up to his ex-girlfriend’s house, threatening to break in.

However, a Cook County court refused the plea for an order of protection.

Pritzker has already directed the Prison Review Board to seek specialists to develop additional training for board members dealing with domestic abuse incidents. The parole board and the Illinois Department of Corrections were also asked to review regulations and procedures for obtaining information about domestic abuse cases, according to the news release.

Jayden’s mother was hospitalized after the attack and is expected to recover from her injuries.

Brand was arrested on the day of the stabbing and eventually charged with first-degree murder, house invasion with a deadly weapon, aggravated domestic assault, and violating an order of protection, among other things.

Along with Miller’s departure, Prizker announced the resignation of Prisoner Review Board Chair Donald Shelton on Monday. However, it was not immediately obvious whether his resignation was related to Brand’s case.

Following Miller and Shelton’s resignations, Illinois Senate Republican Leader John Curran (R-Downers Grove) issued a statement advocating for improvements to the Prison Review Board.

“Sadly, it is clear that the serious reforms that we have been calling for at the Prisoner Review Board are needed now more than ever,” he said. “This is another example of Gov. Pritzker’s failure to supervise an agency under his direct control. His attention should be directed toward our state’s life-or-death issues.”

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