Kansas legislators collaborate on a bill to limit foreign property acquisitions

The Kansas House passed a bill Tuesday prohibiting foreign entities from acquiring property in the state.

Substitute Senate Bill 172 establishes the Kansas Land and Military Post Protection Act, which prohibits individuals or agents from “countries of concern” from purchasing non-residential property within 150 miles of any military post.

Attorney General Kris Kobach, who has advocated for a similar bill in the Senate, said in a statement that he appreciates the work but hopes for modifications in committee. He didn’t mention any adjustments, just said the plan would be difficult to defend legally.

“While I applaud the House for addressing the threat posed by foreign land ownership in Kansas, there are problems with the House bill that I hope will be addressed in conference committee,” Kobach said in a statement. “In its current form, this bill will be very difficult to defend in court.”

Kobach’s proposed Senate bill prohibits foreign acquisitions of more than three acres and bans foreign leases to two years or fewer.

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