Man flees police in Miami-Dade on stolen orange sports bike during pursuit

Ezequiel Brown attempted to flee from police in southern Miami-Dade County on an orange sports motorcycle, according to an arrest record filed on Tuesday.

When detectives in an unmarked police car saw Brown, 44, riding his sports motorcycle on the sidewalk in Leisure City on Monday evening, they recognized it.

It was stolen on Monday in Homestead. According to authorities, the police pursuit began around Southwest 152nd Avenue and Lincoln Drive after Brown refused to stop.

The detectives said that after putting “police emergency equipment” on the unmarked car, Brown “looked back” at them many times and continued to accelerate away recklessly, even after they deactivated the equipment and followed him from a distance.

According to the police complaint, Brown abandoned the motorcycle and fled between Southwest 288 Street and Kentucky Road before being apprehended by detectives.

Detectives reported apprehending him soon before 7 p.m. on Monday, and Miami-Dade jail authorities booked him after midnight on Tuesday at the Turner Guilford Knight jail Center.

Brown faced Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Leon M. Firtel on Tuesday.

According to records, Brown’s Florida driver license was suspended on March 11. According to the prosecution, Brown was on Hillsborough County probation until 2026 and was classified as a violent offender by correctional officers.

Brown was facing charges in two new cases. One case was for big theft, while the other was for fleeing and evading police. He also had two warrants issued for driving with a suspended license and dangerous driving.

Firtel put the bond at $5,000. The case was scheduled to be presided over by Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Laura Maria Gonzalez-Marques.

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