Family mourns El Paso man who died in Wisconsin water tank, ‘It truly breaks my heart’

A family is mourning the death of an El Paso man who was reportedly stuck in a water tank in Wisconsin while clearing silt from it.

Carlos Medina, 30, was characterized by family members as an adventurous, free-spirited individual who helped everyone in need.

Citlali Medina, his sister, confirmed that he had lived in El Paso for many years. She stated it was a location he chose to call home and that he hoped to return to.

After leaving the military, his family said he wanted to pursue a career in the ocean after discovering a passion for scuba diving.

Two weeks into his new employment, his family was saddened to learn the news.

“It was awful to read it in a news piece and know what happened in detail. “It was absolutely shocking,” Medina added. “The only thing I could imagine was how scared he was in his last moments and it truly breaks my heart.”

According to authorities, Medina had been cleaning a water tank for around 45 minutes and continued to work despite informing coworkers he was getting cold.

Police claimed coworkers couldn’t get him out of the tank because he got tangled in the suction line, and they feared he may have become hypothermic.

His death was eventually ruled accidental by officials.

His family reported that he made friends everywhere he went.

They stated that his generosity and love for others will keep him alive in the hearts of many.

“For so many years, he would ask what his purpose in life was, always asking what the meaning of his life was, and the whole time he was fulfilling his meaning in life and he didn’t even know it,” she recalled.

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