Police report cutting-edge heist at Ocean County Mall, thieves nab $1 million jewelry jackpot

According to Toms River Police, around $1 million in jewels was stolen from a business inside the Ocean County Mall overnight.

According to detectives, at least one criminal broke into Venzio Jewelers sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning by first cutting a hole in the wall of a neighboring unoccupied business.

According to detectives, they cut the phone and alarm connections before using a torch to break into a huge safe and steal jewels.

Fred, a mall customer who declined to offer his last name, said crime is uncommon in the mall vicinity.

“There was no doubt that everything had been meticulously planned. They knew exactly what they were doing. “It wasn’t a spur of the moment,” Fred explained. “It took some time to decide how to get in there and make the robbery successful.”

Tom Otani also stated that whoever planned the heist was quite knowledgeable.

“The way they broke in on the next door, empty store, go into the wall,” Otani went on to say. “They knew what they were doing.”

The mall was open on Friday, but Venzio Jewelers remained closed.

A retail employee denied an interview request.

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