St. Pete bar shooting leaves cars full of bullet holes, similar to war zone

Grainy surveillance footage from a nearby residence showed the mayhem as partygoers fled the site of a shooting in St. Petersburg.

Finally, four people were shot, including a 17-year-old girl.

“It sounded like a war out here last night,” observer Shauntayvius Wilson commented.

According to police, it began at Sonic Bar and Lounge in St. Petersburg about 11 p.m. on Easter Sunday. The gathering swiftly became a nightmare for those who attended.

“Last night, there were four innocent people. “They were just out having fun, and some people were shooting,” St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway stated.

According to police, a verbal dispute between a group of males resulted in a gunfire. Both bystanders and vehicles were caught in the crossfire.

The street was lined with bullet-riddled automobiles.

“It’s scary; someone could have been sitting right there. “If that car hadn’t been there right now, that person would probably have left,” Wilson added.

Officers on patrol heard multiple gunshots in the neighborhood. When they arrived at the scene, they discovered a person with a gunshot wound. Three more people showed up at a local hospital.

“We want to find the suspects or subjects who were involved,” Chief Holloway stated.

Wilson stated that he wants the violence in his area to end and has a message for those involved in the shooting.

“If you know, you really love your life and you love your mother and your loved ones, you will go to school, stay out the way and do what’s right for you.”

Police are looking for the shooter or “shooters.”

Investigators tell 8 On Your Side that they are asking for someone in the crowd to come forward with information that will lead to an arrest.

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