Trump inaccurately cites murdered woman’s age to attack Biden’s immigration policy

Donald Trump appeared to get the age of a murdered young Michigan lady wrong when he used her tragedy to criticize President Joe Biden’s border policies in a recent campaign speech.

In a speech delivered on Tuesday afternoon in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the former president mentioned Ruby Garcia, 25. According to police, Garcia was murdered by 25-year-old Brandon Ortiz-Vite, a Mexican guy with whom she was romantically involved.

While discussing Garcia’s death, Mr Trump told supporters, “On March 22nd, [Ortiz-Vite] shot 17-year-old Ruby, who was a gorgeous, beautiful young woman. Ruby Garcia was shot several times.

Trump inaccurately cites murdered woman's age to attack Biden's immigration policy

Mr Trump has used his typically fiery rhetoric to discuss the US-Mexico border, migrants, and crime, promoting his anti-immigrant border policies while instilling panic about the current status of the border.

Ortiz-Vite entered the United States illegally, which numerous conservatives have used to broaden their assertion that people crossing the US-Mexico border are dangerous and blame President Biden for allowing them in.

At the rally, Mr Trump referred to Ortiz-Vite as a “illegal alien criminal” who had been “set loose” on the streets of Michigan “by politicians that are left, weak, and stupid.”

“We threw him out of the country and crooked Joe Biden took them back and let him back in and let him stay in, and he viciously killed Ruby – the illegal alien charged with Ruby’s really heinous killing,” he went on to say.

Trump inaccurately cites murdered woman's age to attack Biden's immigration policy

“This is somebody that had many, many arrests, including for some very bad crimes that he committed that he was set loose to roam our streets.”

Several politicians have chastised Mr Trump and his friends for appearing to use the death of a young kid to make a political statement. Garcia’s sister has also asked reporters not to turn her story into “political bull****”.

At the rally, Mr Trump claimed to have spoken with Garcia’s family, adding, “Now Ruby’s loved ones and community are left grieving for this incredible young woman…” They said she had just had the most contagious laugh, and when she stepped into a room, it lit up.

“I’ve heard that from several folks. “I spoke with some of her family.”

The former president went on to discuss other recent deaths, which he claimed were committed by “illegal aliens,” including that of 22-year-old Laken Riley.

Jose Antonio Ibarra was charged with killing a young nursing student on the University of Georgia campus in February. Ibarra was reportedly a Venezuelan immigrant who entered the nation illegally.

Mr. Trump stated, “You know Laken, she was fantastic, top of her class. Everything was on top. “She was on top of everything.”

Mr Trump also stated that Democrats had begged him not to use the term “animals” when discussing migrants, which he refused.

“The Democrats said, ‘Please don’t call them animals; call them humans.'” I answered, ‘They’re not humans. “They are not humans; they are animals,” he stated.

“And Nancy Pelosi told me… please don’t use the word animals when talking about these folks. I stated I would use the term “animal” since that is what they are.

Mr Trump promised to “deliver justice” for both Riley and Garcia.

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