City in New Hampshire With the Highest Irish Heritage

In the rich tapestry of American heritage, the influence of Irish culture is deeply woven into the fabric of many states. However, one state stands out as the focal point of Irish-American identity: New Hampshire. With its vibrant history, cultural celebrations, and a strong sense of community, it proudly holds the title of the US state with the highest Irish population.

In New Hampshire, 20.2% of the state’s residents have Irish ancestry. Other states with notable Irish populations include Massachusetts (19.29%), Rhode Island (17.05%), Vermont (16.13%), and Maine (15.95%). Pennsylvania, located slightly further south, also has a significant Irish American population, with 15.25% of residents identifying as such.

StateIrish PopulationPercentage of Irish Americans
New Hampshire281,31620.02%
Rhode Island185,94516.93%

City in New Hampshire with Highest Irish Population

City in New Hampshire With the Highest Irish Heritage

Among the cities in New Hampshire, Bartlett boasts the highest percentage of Irish population, with an impressive 62.16% of its residents having Irish ancestry. Following closely are New Boston (50.23%), Klondike Corner (47.71%), Wilton (39.98%), and Seabrook Beach (39.35%). These cities celebrate their Irish heritage, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of the state.

Bartlett, a picturesque town, is named after the renowned British psychologist, Sir Frederic Charles Bartlett. Born in 1886, Bartlett became the first professor of experimental psychology at the University of Cambridge, pioneering cognitive and cultural psychology. His method of description, focusing on human behavior within cultural contexts, remains influential.

Educated at St. John’s College, Cambridge, Bartlett’s work bridged psychology, anthropology, and sociology, emphasizing the role of mental imagery and social context. His legacy continues to shape psychological research, particularly in memory, perception, and cultural influences. As visitors explore Bartlett, they are reminded of the enduring impact of this influential psychologist.

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Scenic Spots in Bartlett

City in New Hampshire With the Highest Irish Heritage

Story Land: Nestled in the heart of Bartlett, New Hampshire, Story Land is a whimsical theme park that brings fantasy to life. Catering to the imaginations of children, it offers a safe and natural setting where families can explore a variety of rides, shows, and attractions. From meeting beloved storybook characters like Humpty Dumpty and Peter Rabbit to enjoying reasonably-priced admission and free parking, Story Land is a vibrant oasis surrounded by the stunning landscapes of the White Mountains.

Bear Notch Ski Touring Center: For outdoor enthusiasts, Bear Notch Ski Touring Center offers an idyllic location for cross-country skiing. Set against the backdrop of Bartlett’s wooded trails, visitors can traverse picturesque landscapes while enjoying the tranquility of nature. With a focus on providing a serene skiing experience, Bear Notch Ski Touring Center is a must-visit destination for those seeking outdoor adventure in Bartlett.

Attitash Mountain Resort: More than just a ski area, Attitash Mountain Resort embodies the spirit of winter sports and mountain lifestyle. With 67 trails spread across two connected mountains, visitors can explore a mix of traditional New England runs and challenging terrain. Acres of glades and tree skiing provide opportunities for off-piste adventure, while the resort’s original progressive freestyle terrain park caters to riders of all skill levels. Additionally, the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel offers slopeside lodging, making it convenient for guests to immerse themselves in the Mt. Washington Valley experience.

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As the US state with the highest Irish population, New Hampshire serves as a beacon of Irish-American pride and identity. From its bustling cities to its quaint towns, these attractions, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty and recreational activities, make Bartlett an enchanting destination for visitors seeking adventure and relaxation amidst the splendor of the White Mountains., reminding residents and visitors alike of the enduring legacy of Irish immigrants in the Bay State.

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