Danger on Wheels: Warren County’s Lurking Menace Preys on Innocent College Girls, Police Warn!

Male drivers tried to get two college students and a small girl into their cars, according to Hackettstown police.

The first event occurred on Saturday or Sunday night along West Moore Street, close to the Reeves residence. According to police, the unidentified male driver approached two female students at Centenary University, who then reported the event to the school’s security staff.

According to Police Chief Aaron Perkins, the victims have not yet come forward to the Hackettstown police, lehighvalleylive.com said.

The victim gave campus security the following description of the suspect: a man in his 40s with a “burly” build. According to the authorities, the victims had no information about the car to provide.

According to authorities, the second incident occurred on Monday around 8:30 p.m. in the vicinity of the Greenview Garden apartment building, which is situated along Arthur Terrace. In that instance, a young girl claimed to have been followed from one parking lot to another by a dark vehicle, presumably a green Toyota.

The automobile followed the girl as she fled across the street and stopped. The driver then got out of the car and followed the girl closely, the police said.

The male subject of the investigation is characterized as having a “stocky build” and donning a surgical or medical face mask.

Perkins stated on Thursday that it is unclear whether the occurrences are related.

The chief stated, “We have not received a report of the first incident, so we are not aware if they are related.”

The Hackettstown Police Department’s number to report any information regarding any of the occurrences is 908-852-3300 or 908-852-3302. It is advised that any potential lure victims contact 911 right away.

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