Off-duty CPD officer held at gunpoint during a carjacking on South Side

An off-duty Chicago police officer was robbed of both his pistol and his car during a carjacking Thursday morning in the Auburn Gresham area.

Two individuals seized the officer at gunpoint and demanded that he surrender his gun. The off-duty cop was not injured.

According to police sources, the officer was on his way to field training shortly after 6 a.m. He pulled into a petrol station at 83rd and Halsted and parked his black Nissan Altima.

When he exited the petrol station, two drivers in white sedans approached him. Two men got out of their automobiles.

The 29-year-old cop, dressed in civilian clothing, was detained at gunpoint. The criminals asked that he turn over his pistol and his other personal belongings.

According to police sources, when the off-duty officer’s car was stolen, it contained his vest, radio, helmet, gas mask, wallet, and other valuables. One of the individuals got into the off-duty officer’s Nissan and began driving northward on Halsted. The second man got back in one of the white automobiles and followed him.

The men were all wearing black. They left a white Chrysler on the scene. That vehicle had also been stolen in a carjacking in Riverdale.

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