Warrington’s Most Wanted: Thieving Twosome Pulls Off $7,000 Heist Using Identity Fraud!

Police in Warrington are hunting for two people who live in Philadelphia and who they believe committed identity theft in order to acquire products worth seven thousand dollars.

In the month of February, a Warrington police officer noticed that a man was acting in a suspicious manner in front of the Target grocery store located on Route 611. After that, the officer saw that the individual, identified as Brian Murphy, who was 31 years old, met up with a woman named Katie Testa, who was 39 years old. A car bearing an Uber sign was entered by both of them.

Police pulled over the vehicle because of the couple’s conduct, which was deemed suspicious. It was discovered that the pair had just made a purchase of $400 worth of gift cards at Lowe’s; however, neither of them could provide the credit card that was used for the investment. The pair was freed by the officers.

After further investigation, the authorities came to the conclusion that the pair had taken the identity of a lady from South Carolina and used it to create a credit card in her name. On one credit card, Murphy and Testa are said to have racked up transactions totaling seven thousand dollars.

Both Murphy and Testa were named as defendants in a criminal complaint that was submitted to the criminal court. ID theft, theft by illegal taking, access device fraud, and receiving stolen goods are some of the charges that have been brought against the defendant.

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