Scandalous Revelations Emerge in Court Papers Regarding T & J Food Mart Gunfire!

Further information about the shooting and robbery that occurred at the T&J Food Mart earlier this month was disclosed in new court filings.

The business owner was wounded in the right shoulder, stomach, and both legs. He made it through.

The dispute between the Prichard Police, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, and the Mobile County District Attorney was brought on by the heinous crime.

It was all captured on surveillance footage.

The victim knew Rashad Norwood, the defendant, from when he allegedly stole the business in December, only a few months before.

Sheriff Paul Burch stated, “The Prichard police department failed the community and the citizens of Prichard by not following through.”

According to court records, Norwood was requested to remove his disguise by the business owner. Taking out his revolver, Norwood demanded his keys. Subsequently, gunfire was heard.

While the suspect was seen on camera running inside to take the cash register, the business owner fled behind the establishment.

According to court records, detectives retrieved seven shot casings with a caliber of 40 from the site.

Sheriff Burch accused Prichard police of failing to issue an arrest warrant for Norwood shortly after the crime last week, claiming that doing so would have stopped it.

Burch said, “I received a call from a local probation officer who was furious because I had reported many probation breaches on Norwood that were later dropped. He claimed, “Prichard police did not sign the warrants as planned.” “Therefore, after many resets to get them to come sign the warrants, the matter was dismissed.”

Following those remarks, FOX10 News attempted to speak with Prichard, but we were denied access to Prichard City Hall.

Norwood remains incarcerated in Metro Jail, having been charged with first-degree robbery and attempted murder.

The Prichard police and District Attorney Keith Blackwood were scheduled to meet on Wednesday to discuss the warrant concerns; however, the meeting was rescheduled.

The office of the District Attorney stated that a new date would not be set for another two weeks.

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