Grim Discovery: 2 Bodies Found in Missing Kansas Moms Case

Police discovered two dead bodies in rural Texas while investigating the abduction of two Kansas mothers who went missing in Oklahoma, police revealed on Sunday.

The bodies will be “transported to the Office of the Oklahoma Chief Medical Examiner to determine identification and cause and manner of death,” according to a statement on X by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, and the Texas County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities have yet to identify the deceased.

Moms Veronica Butler, 27, and Jilian Kelley, 39, both of Hugoton, Kansas, have been missing since March 30. The missing women’s last known location is Oklahoma, where they were heading to pick up Butler’s children for a birthday party in Kansas.

Grim Discovery: 2 Bodies Found in Missing Kansas Moms Case

Authorities later discovered their vehicle abandoned in rural Oklahoma, near the Kansas border.

Oklahoma police said on Saturday that four persons had been arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of kidnapping, and one count of conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree in connection with Butler and Kelley’s disappearance.

The four people are Tad Bert Cullum, 43; Tifany Machel Adams, 54; Cole Earl Twombly, 50; and Cora Twombly, 44. All four remained in prison on Sunday night.

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