West Hollywood Nightclub Brawl Ends in the Beating of 53-year-old Hairdresser!

The 53-year-old hairstylist’s family is begging for assistance in identifying the perpetrators of the vicious beating that took place outside a West Hollywood nightclub over two weeks ago.

“We haven’t had anything for ten days,” sister Gloria Jimenez stated. “He’s only saying he was attacked.”

Jimenez claimed that following Vasquez’s beating outside the popular nightclub, her brother and pals alternated between Santa Monica’s Gym Bar and Heart WeHo. She is hoping that witnesses who observed her brother’s injuries come forward.

“We know he was with certain friends at a bar and from that bar he walked to another bar because they were next to each other,” Jimenez stated.

Vasquez was not located, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which got a call at around 11 p.m. on April 5 reporting that someone needed medical assistance. According to Jimenez, an EMT brought her brother to the hospital. After Vasquez’s surgery, investigators alleged that deputies found out about the attack four days later.

“His skull was fractured in two places,” she stated. “He had to have part of his scalp removed to allow his brain to expand because of all the inflammation that the brain’s going through.”

During the outbreak, Vasquez relocated to West Hollywood from New York. His family worries that a hate crime may have been committed in this incident.

“We’ve heard different things and we’re not sure what to believe at this point,” Jimenez stated.

Although the street was equipped with surveillance cameras, neither Vasquez’s family nor the deputies were allowed to view any of the film.

It’s unclear if Vasquez’s beating caused any lasting injuries. But in the future, it’s anticipated that he will require therapy to learn how to walk and talk.

The family is hoping that someone who saw the incident will come forward to aid in the administration of justice.

God is wonderful, Jimenez declared. “We trust in God that the truth will prevail.”

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