Is Boise Experiencing a Decrease in Its Growth Rate?

Are we witnessing a new era in the Treasure Valley? Is Boise’s growth finally slowing down? According to one source, it appears that’s the case, although the decrease is minimal.

While the slowdown may not be significant, it does suggest a slight easing in Boise’s growth. But what’s causing this shift?

Are we responsible for this change? For those advocating to limit newcomers in Idaho, there might be signs that your efforts are having an effect. However, we’re not taking sides on whether this trend is positive or negative.

Who are we to dictate your sentiments?

If your aim is to curb growth, perhaps the anti-California sentiments expressed in the comment sections are making an impact. If you’re more indifferent about newcomers and prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, you have reason to be optimistic too.

Using data from the World Population Review, we examined Boise’s population trends over the years. The analysis reveals that after a period of rapid growth, Boise’s population growth has begun to taper off.

Could it be that potential transplants are heeding warnings about Idaho’s proximity? Or are other factors, such as increased living costs or rising crime rates, dissuading people from relocating here?

Let’s delve into Boise’s population trends over the years and speculate about its trajectory by the end of 2024.

Believe it or not, there was a time when Boise was a hidden gem, but since then, its population has soared. The potential for further growth seems limitless.

Here’s a snapshot of Boise’s population over the past century:

  • 1900: A population of just 21,400, comparable to the capacity of Albertson’s Stadium at 36,387.
  • 1910: A significant increase from 1900.
  • 1920: Witnessing steady growth.
  • 1930: The era when a car cost around $600.
  • 1940: Growth continues steadily.
  • 1950: Population growth remains consistent.
  • 1960: The population more than doubles from the previous decade.
  • 1970: Another significant increase in population.
  • 1980: The population boom persists.
  • 1990: An additional 25,700 residents from the previous decade.
  • 2000: A remarkable increase of 60,000 residents.
  • 2010: Growth slows down compared to the previous decade.
  • 2020: A monumental difference from a century ago.
  • 2021: A year-over-year increase of 3,000 residents.
  • 2022: Boise’s population reaches 241,700.
  • 2023: Further growth with a population of 244,687.
  • 2024: According to World Population Review, the population stands at 237,250, prompting questions about Boise’s growth trajectory.

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