Caldwell Police Provide Three Safety Recommendations Following an Arrest for Incontinent Exposure!

The Caldwell Police Department recently apprehended 30-year-old Matthew Landers, a convicted sex offender, for indecent exposure. Landers was arrested after authorities identified his vehicle, a 2014 Chevy Cruz, matching the description provided in an earlier incident report.

According to Caldwell Police Chief Rex Ingram, “Caldwell is much safer with this predator off the street and behind bars. Our men and women remain committed to keeping our community safe, and this arrest showcases our dedication to our mission.”

The arrest comes after Caldwell Police sought the public’s help in identifying a suspect involved in an indecent exposure incident. The incident, where Landers allegedly exposed himself to a teenager, has been resolved.

In light of these events, the Caldwell Police Department emphasizes the importance of vigilance among residents, particularly parents, guardians, and teens.

They recommend the following safety tips:

  1. Never accept rides from strangers.
  2. Immediately inform an adult if approached by a stranger.
  3. Whenever possible, walk in groups.

With the rise in such crimes in the Treasure Valley, educating children about the dangers of interacting with unknown individuals is paramount. Open communication channels with parents and trusted adults empower children to seek help when needed.

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