Stay Away from the Missouri Swinging Bridge—No Driving Allowed!

Missouri offers plenty of attractions, but there’s one you should steer clear of: the swinging bridge. Located near Brumley, Missouri, this historic structure was once essential for travel in the region.

However, attempting to cross it is ill-advised for several reasons. Firstly, the bridge is closed to traffic, and even if it were open, previous travelers have described it as a harrowing experience.

Recent Trip Advisor reviews confirm that walking across the Swinging Bridge is also not recommended. Many visitors found it difficult to locate and ultimately felt it wasn’t worth the effort.

Efforts to save and restore the bridge have been underway, with a recent update indicating progress towards restoration funding. It’s wise to wait until these efforts are complete before considering a visit. Once restored, this landmark may transform from terrifying to historically significant and worth exploring.

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