Amazing Offer: Meta Cuts Price of 128GB Quest 2 to $199

Meta has just reduced the asking price of their Quest 2 VR headset, and this is a permanent price cut. The standard 128GB storage option was originally priced at $299 but is now available for $199. At that price, the Quest 2 is one of the most affordable virtual reality headsets available. Furthermore, the Quest shop currently has a catalog of over 500 titles, so consumers won’t run out of recreational software any time soon.

Amazing Offer: Meta Cuts Price of 128GB Quest 2 to $199

However, the Quest 2 headset is not the only one becoming more affordable. Meta has also made the accessory ecosystem more cost-effective. The Elite Strap is currently available for $24.99, which is half of its previous price. The Elite Strap with Battery has also had its sticker price reduced to $44.99, while the carrying case and fit packs have got savings of 50% or more.

The price reduction is remarkable, but not completely unexpected. A year after its market debut, Meta increased the Quest 2’s price by $100, bringing the 128GB variant to $399. In the months that followed, Quest 2 fans received temporary discounts, while Meta debuted the Quest 3 headset.

Excellent bargain for VR fans

At $199, it appears Meta intends to clear inventory and position the Quest 3 as an entry-level choice. However, at $499.99 for a 128GB storage model, the Quest 3 is a significant commitment, particularly for those wishing to delve into the world of VR content.

Amazing Offer: Meta Cuts Price of 128GB Quest 2 to $199

Furthermore, at $199, there are few VR headsets that can provide the same level of polished technology and an extensive ecosystem of applications built around it, so Meta’s decision to keep the old warrior in its portfolio makes sense.

Aside from rapidly introducing new titles to the library, Meta also announced support for Xbox Cloud Gaming as part of a beta program for Quest 2. Furthermore, the company’s focus on other areas of VR entertainment has resulted in a robust catalog of diverse experiences, including the Survivor Horizon Island VR series, award-winning short films, immersive music concerts, live sports (including NBA and UFC), content streaming, web browning, and even use as a virtual desktop app.

Users will soon be able to wear the headset while lying down, use an external microphone, and use the People app to find friends in Horizon Worlds. With continuing feature development and software fixes, it appears like the Quest 2 is here to stay, particularly as Meta’s subtle hint to first-time adopters to spend up for the more premium experiences provided by the Quest 3 and Quest Pro headsets.


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