People in Louisiana Are Upset Over a Man Pumping Gas While Police Investigate a Murder!

A recent video showing a man pumping gas in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, amidst a murder investigation at a local gas station has sparked anger among some social media users.

The footage captures investigators collecting evidence from the crime scene in Baton Rouge, with the man pumping gas mere feet away.

While the circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear, criticism has surfaced regarding the perceived insensitivity of pumping gas in such proximity to a murder investigation.

According to reports from WAFB, the victim, identified as Keith Price, was fatally shot as he exited the gas station on Jefferson Hwy late Sunday night. This incident was one of three shootings that occurred in Baton Rouge on the same evening, prompting a comprehensive investigation by law enforcement.

Tragically, the shootings resulted in two fatalities and one injury, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the urgency of the ongoing investigation.

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