Hawaii’s Battle Against Invasive Species: Three Coconut Rhinoceros Beetles Caught!

In a recent development, three invasive coconut rhinoceros beetles (CRBs) have been apprehended on Hawaii Island over the past week.

According to the Big Island Invasive Species Committee, one of the beetles was intercepted at the Hawaiian Earth Recycling Plant, situated adjacent to the West Hawaii Sanitary Landfill. The remaining two beetles were ensnared in a trap strategically placed at the Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative site by the committee.

This occurrence marks the second instance of CRBs being found on the Big Island since their initial detection in October 2023. During the previous encounter, no adult beetles were sighted, although numerous larvae were extracted from a private property in Waikoloa Village.

Following the initial discovery, a comprehensive response effort has been underway, with over 150 traps deployed across the island. These traps have been strategically positioned near the initial detection site and in areas deemed to be at high risk.

In light of these developments, authorities have issued a precautionary advisory to residents residing in the vicinity of Waikoloa and Puuanahulu. They are urged to refrain from transporting green waste out of the area and are encouraged to conduct thorough inspections of any organic matter or debris within their yards.

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