More than 20 people, including a San Jose fire captain arrested in a child predator sting operation

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Office released a video from a three-day sting operation targeting Internet Crimes Against Children.

Sheriff Jim Cooper of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office stated that undercover detectives posed as youngsters aged 13 and under on numerous social media platforms.

“Suspects often directed these kids to commit sexual acts and ask for pornographic material,” Cooper, the sheriff, said.

The operation resulted in 24 arrests. Several people had trusted public positions with access to minors.

“Arrested a San Jose firefighter who lives here in Sacramento, a Sunday school teacher, a United States Postal service worker,” the sheriff stated.

According to court filings, the Sacramento District Attorney’s Office has charged San Jose Fire Captain Spencer Parker with three crimes. Parker is accused of attempting indecent actions with a 13-year-old girl.

According to a San Jose municipal official, Parker’s last shift was on March 31st. He was placed on leave on April 11th and resigned the following day.

We chatted with Steven Clark, a legal commentator and former prosecutor.

“Were city resources used in any way? Was this individual on city time during any of this investigation, I believe it is critical for the city of San Jose to determine what happened here,” Clark said.

During Monday’s press conference, Sacramento County Sheriff Jim Cooper noted that the males detained during the sting operation did not fit a specific description and ranged in age from 20 to 70 years.

“There is no single model for the guy in the walker; someone is participating in this.I cannot stress enough how important it is for parents to do their jobs. “You are the parents; it is not negotiable that you know what your children are doing on phones and social media platforms,” Cooper stated.

Sheriff’s Sergeant Eric Steindorf, associate leader of the Internet Crimes Against Children squad, claimed 21 law enforcement agencies helped with the probe.

“One individual just to reiterate just how dangerous some of these people are – thought that he was going to meet with a 10-year-old for sexual purposes,” the Sergeant stated.

Clark said these investigations are intended to prevent sexual assaults.

“So I believe that’s the takeaway–that’s why we’re doing this. “Not to entrap people, but to keep certain people from committing a crime against a child,” Clark explained.

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