Why isn’t Apple’s built-in undo method more widely used, despite being around for years?

The iPhone includes some hidden input methods that are sometimes ignored because it does not come with a printed user manual. One of these secret inputs allows you to undo text entering faster than pressing and holding backspace — and it works quite well.

Utilizing a basic iPhone trick has been a habit for as long as anyone can remember, yet it seems many are unaware it exists. Occasionally, a mistyped text message prompts a shake to undo an action, often leading to surprised reactions from companions. Accessing Apple’s secret iPhone undo feature is simple.

How to Use Shake to Undo on iPhone?

Why isn't Apple's built-in undo method more widely used, despite being around for years?

Shake to Undo may be needless and unpleasant; simply shake your iPhone to undo a text entry. However, if you learn how to use it right, it becomes an excellent addition to your iPhone’s arsenal of useful tricks.

To utilize Shake to Undo, shake your iPhone while holding it tightly to avoid dropping it and having to schedule an appointment at your local Apple Store. The setting is enabled by default, but if shaking your iPhone doesn’t seem to accomplish anything, here’s where to make sure it’s on:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Accessibility, then select Shake to Undo.

If you frequently shake your iPhone, repeat the steps above and turn Shake to Undo off to eliminate the feature. On my iPhone 15 Pro Max, the greatest iPhone currently available, some of us find the backspace button to be a little out of reach, thus utilizing Shake to Undo makes removing text much easier.

Try Shake to Undo and see whether you like it; if you get into the habit of using it, it will rapidly become an invaluable utility on your iPhone.


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