Car break-ins are on the rise in South Nashville, thieves using electronic devices

Thieves were caught on video using modern technology to break into locked cars in a South Nashville area.

Residents reported that a group of persons went around carrying transmitters close to automobiles and opened the doors in seconds. People whose cars were broken into on Thursday couldn’t believe what they saw.

“He opened that locked door like it wasn’t even locked,” Marek Taylor claimed.

The video shows someone breaking into the car Taylor claimed he locked just hours earlier.

“They drove up in their automobile. “The driver got out, came right up, and made a beeline straight over to the car,” Taylor explained.

Car break-ins are on the rise in South Nashville, thieves using electronic devices

The footage shows the man struggling to unlock one of his neighbors’ automobiles at 3 a.m. before running over to Taylor’s pickup.

“I was about to scoff at them, thinking, ‘Well, I always lock my car. “Have fun getting in there,’ and then he opened that door like it wasn’t even locked,” Taylor explained.

Taylor stated that they employed what is known as a transmitter.

“What it does is it amplifies the signal from your key fob inside your house and makes the car think that he’s standing right next to the car with your key fob,” explained Taylor.

He and his neighbors maintained they had no knowledge it existed.

“It’s tough to know that you think you’re in a safe neighborhood and then something like this happens,” Baranauckas added.

“I had never seen anything like that before,” Taylor remarked. “I thought if you locked your car door, the only way they could get in is if they forcefully broke in.”

Taylor stated that there is something you can do to prevent this.

“If you put your key fob in an RFID bag then it stops them from being able to use that transmitter,” Taylor said. “So, the only way they can break in is if they actually break a window or forcibly jam your open door.”

“It’s a tool that people on the street claim they’re investing in.

While Taylor said they just stole a few costly glasses from him, Metro Nashville Police reported that hundreds of automobiles have already been smashed into this year. It’s something they continuously warn people about.

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