Whittier Resident Arrested After Fleet of Stolen Cars Found in San Bernardino: Who Else Might Be Involved?

A man has been apprehended following the uncovering of a fleet of stolen vehicles at a residence in San Bernardino.

The individual in custody has been identified as Salvador Gonzalez, 29, hailing from Whittier, according to statements from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Reports of a theft in Loma Linda prompted deputies to respond on April 21, after a Toyota Tacoma truck’s tailgate was reported stolen.

Subsequent investigations linked Gonzalez to the theft, as his red Nissan Sentra was identified as the vehicle involved. Deputies on patrol later located the Nissan in the vicinity.

Further inquiries led authorities to a residence in the 6900 Block of Tippecanoe Avenue in San Bernardino, associated with a probationer, where a stolen tailgate was discovered among other stolen items.

A probation search ensued, revealing a total of 13 tailgates from various truck brands and five stolen vehicles on the premises.

Gonzalez faces multiple charges, including possession of a stolen vehicle, operating a chop shop, and vehicle theft. He was incarcerated at the Central Detention Center with bail set at $40,000. Following bail payment, he was released from custody.

Law enforcement urges potential victims or individuals with pertinent information to contact Central Station at 909-387-3545, as they suspect there may be additional victims yet to come forward.

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