Missing Since 2000: Long Lost Mother-Daughter Pair Found in West Virginia!

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Susan and Natasha “Alex” Carter, who went missing nearly 24 years ago in Beckley, West Virginia, took a tragic turn when their remains were discovered following a deathbed confession by a suspect.

According to West Virginia State Police, the bodies believed to be those of Susan and Alex Carter were found around 4:30 p.m. on Monday in Beckley. The grim discovery unfolded mere hours after the death of Larry Webb, a suspect in the case, following a medical episode.

The Carters vanished on or around August 8, 2000, when Alex was just 10 years old, leaving a haunting void in their community. Authorities revealed that Webb admitted to killing the mother-and-daughter duo and burying their bodies in his backyard.

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Tony Rausa disclosed that a crucial piece of evidence—a bullet containing Alex Carter’s DNA—was discovered in a bedroom wall approximately 18 months ago. Webb, indicted in October 2023, faced mounting legal repercussions for his alleged involvement in their deaths.

The circumstances leading to the Carters’ disappearance shed light on a troubled past, as Susan Carter was entangled in a custody battle with Rick Lafferty at the time. Both mother and daughter had resided with Webb before their fateful disappearance.

Raleigh County Prosecutor Ben Hatfield revealed chilling details of Webb’s confession, stating that a dispute over missing money precipitated the fatal encounter. Webb, aged in his 80s, succumbed to a medical emergency at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex, where he was being detained without bond in connection with Alex Carter’s death.

The conclusion of this long-standing mystery evoked mixed emotions within the community, with Prosecutor Hatfield remarking on the poignant irony of the case’s resolution. Despite the sorrow, there was a glimmer of closure for Rick Lafferty, who expressed gratitude for the opportunity to finally bring his daughter home.

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