Texas cancer patient’s truck stolen while receiving treatment in Houston

A Texas man receiving cancer treatment in Houston is looking for answers after his truck was taken from the short-term rental home where he has been staying.

Tony Oliver, who is supposed to remain in Houston for seven weeks to receive treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center, reported the theft from Montreal Place Apartments, claiming the incident has added tremendous stress to an already difficult situation.

“My doctor said I can’t take any more of this pressure,” Oliver told me.

Toni Oliver, his daughter, shares the view, describing the scenario as “stressful, detrimental, heartbreaking,” and expressing annoyance and indignation about the incident.

The Oliver family planned a seven-week stay in Houston to assist Tony’s medical care, only to face unexpected hurdles. Oliver’s pickup truck was initially towed because he was accused of not having a parking permit, despite the fact that his family claims he did. When he returned his truck from the towing firm, it had been stolen, but a second automobile brought by his daughter, who travels from Dallas to assist him every weekend, had also had its tires taken.

“They are stealing from a cancer patient who is struggling for his life, and you continue to take? “That’s unbelievable,” Toni Oliver exclaimed.

Efforts by the family to request assistance from the property manager at One Montreal Place have resulted in an unsatisfactory response.

“Why aren’t you helping? You own cameras. “You already knew there was a problem, and you just don’t care,” Toni said.

Despite several phone calls, emails, and in-person interactions, the family has seen no action taken by the complex administration. FOX 26 attempted to contact the property manager, Rita Fernandez, via phone, text, and email but did not receive a response at the time of this story.

Tony Oliver wishes he had chosen a different temporary accommodation. “I wish I’d never come here. I wish I had never been here. “This has taken as much toll on me as the cancer,” he said.

While the property management has yet to provide assistance, MD Anderson has expressed its support by writing a letter to Oliver and giving resources to ensure he can attend his cancer treatments.

A report was made with Houston police for both the stolen truck and tires, but the family has not received an update.

The owner of the apartment that the Oliver family is renting from has been cooperative with the family and will reimburse them for their stay as well as assist with relocation after their stay ends in May.

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