New Commissioner of Education is Against the Planned Modification to Charter Schools!

Kentucky’s incoming education commissioner, Dr. Robbie Fletcher, is set to assume leadership of the state’s Department of Education on July 1st. With his tenure on the horizon, the state faces a pivotal decision in November regarding a proposed amendment that could reshape public education.

Constitutional Amendment 2 is poised to give voters the power to determine whether public funds should be diverted to private or charter schools. Should the amendment pass, legislators would gain authority to allocate taxpayer money to support private or charter school initiatives.

In a recent press conference, Fletcher vehemently expressed his opposition to the proposed amendment, stating, “When I step into the voting booth, I will cast my vote against the amendment. Let me be unequivocally clear about that.”

Asserting his stance further, Fletcher emphasized, “On a personal level, I am firmly against the allocation of public funds to private entities.”

Nevertheless, Fletcher underscored his commitment to respecting the democratic process, affirming that if the amendment garners public support, he will fulfill his duty as commissioner to facilitate its implementation effectively.

Reflecting on his journey to the commissioner’s role, Fletcher brings a wealth of experience, having served as superintendent of Lawrence County schools in eastern Kentucky for a decade. His professional trajectory spans from a dedicated math and science teacher to roles as an assistant principal and principal.

Fletcher succeeds Jason Glass, who navigated turbulent waters during his tenure, overseeing educational institutions through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic while navigating ideological differences with GOP lawmakers.

Glass faced criticism, particularly from Republican legislators, for the state education department’s inclusive policies regarding LGBTQ+ matters.

Addressing a reporter’s inquiry regarding a controversial measure enacted by GOP lawmakers last year, which affects transgender youth, Fletcher reaffirmed his commitment to inclusivity, asserting, “Regardless of their background or choices, my objective is to advocate for the well-being of all children.”

During his recent appearance before the Senate committee, Fletcher pledged collaboration with lawmakers, a sentiment that resonated positively with Republican representatives.

Additionally, Fletcher lauded legislators for their recent enactment of a two-year state spending plan, hailing it as a significant investment in education. However, he stressed the importance of advocating for further resources, including salary increases for educators.

“I will consistently advocate for additional resources,” Fletcher asserted. “Investing in our children’s future, including providing competitive salaries for teachers, remains a top priority.”

With an unwavering commitment to advancing Kentucky’s educational landscape, Fletcher’s tenure as education commissioner promises to navigate challenges while championing the welfare of students and educators alike.

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