Rape and Pregnancy of a Fourteen-year-old Girl Leads to Man’s Castration in Louisiana!

A 50-year jail sentence and physical castration are part of the sentencing for a Louisiana man found guilty of raping a teenage girl.

On April 17, Glenn Sullivan Sr., 54, entered a guilty plea to four charges of second-degree rape, as disclosed by the office of District Attorney Scott Perrilloux.

When a young lady reported to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office in July 2022 that Sullivan had sexually assaulted her several times when she was fourteen, the authorities launched an investigation into Sullivan.

According to a news release from Perrilloux’s office dated April 22, Sullivan also groomed the victim and “used threats of violence against her and her family” to keep her from coming forward.

The district attorney stated, “So many of these kinds of cases go unreported because of fear.” “This young woman’s courage to speak the truth in the face of danger and misfortune is absolutely amazing.”

The rapes caused the victim to get pregnant, and Sullivan was identified as the child’s father through a DNA test, according to the authorities.

In a statement, Assistant District Attorney Brad Cascio stated, “The most malicious crimes we prosecute are sex crimes against juveniles.” “To seek justice for the children in our community, I intend to use every tool the legislature is willing to give us, including physical castration.”

Legislation permitting the state to chemically castrate anyone guilty of specific sexual offenses was passed in Louisiana in 2008. Hormonal medications that lower a person’s libido and sexual cravings are used in chemical castration. Offenders may also be subjected to castration, either surgical or bodily, provided they provide their informed permission.

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