Social Media Buzz as New Jersey Aftershocks Persist: ‘We Don’t Get Earthquakes!

A series of aftershocks following the April 5 earthquake in New Jersey has surpassed 140, with a notably sizable tremor occurring recently.

On Saturday morning, Hunterdon County experienced a confirmed aftershock measuring 2.9 magnitude. The tremor, detected around 9:49 a.m., originated approximately 4 miles southwest of Gladstone, as reported by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

This event marks the second-largest aftershock in the state this month, following closely after a 3.7 magnitude aftershock recorded shortly after the initial 4.8 magnitude earthquake on April 5.

Despite the intensity of the tremor, the state Office of Emergency Management reported no damages resulting from the aftershock.

Contrary to the majority of minor aftershocks since April 5, this relatively significant event on Saturday morning has caught attention. With nearly 150 aftershocks recorded in New Jersey as of Sunday morning, according to USGS data, only 15 have registered magnitudes exceeding 2.0.

Social media platforms were inundated with reports of residents feeling the aftershock, with some mistaking it for a separate earthquake.

Commenting on the experience, one user on X remarked, “Another NJ earthquake. Definitely not as loud or long as the last one.”

Another user expressed surprise, stating, “We got hit again! This is NOT NATURAL! It’s NJ! We don’t get earthquakes!”

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