Biden prioritizes battleground states with new leadership team

President Joe Biden is speeding up his reelection campaign, appointing a new leadership team to supervise operations in seven critical states.

The Biden campaign hired experienced Democratic strategist Dan Kanninen as its battleground states director, alongside deputy director Lauren Brainerd and communications director Josh Marcus-Blank.

Kanninen worked on the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and is the CEO of the Democratic consulting firm Arc Initiatives. He stated on “The Hill on NewsNation” on Thursday that the campaign hopes to connect to voters by educating them about “Biden’s record of accomplishments.”

“We have policies that benefit all Americans,” Kanninen explained. “Look at the president this last week going on two trips … talking about the choice between democracy and protecting core freedoms, versus Trump talking about I’m a dictator, and I’m taking away your freedoms as fast as he can.”

Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan will be overseen by the team.

According to Decision Desk HQ/The Hill, Biden is lagging former President Donald Trump in all polls except Pennsylvania.

Kanninen is unconcerned.

“At this point, the head-to-head stuff is not really instructive, particularly because most voters that we need to win over in this election and mobilize and persuade aren’t paying attention yet,” Kanninen said in an interview. “When the choice is Trump and Biden and it’s about protecting core bedrock freedoms to choose economic freedoms, opportunity, certainly the right to vote in a democracy, the president’s record and vision and message versus Trump’s will resonate in those states.”

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