Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade leaves with revolver after Fani Willis affair news, doesn’t deny tryst

Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor in charge of Donald Trump’s election involvement case in Georgia, did not deny having an affair with his boss, Fani Willis when he was seen for the first time Thursday since the explosive claims surfaced.

Wade, who looked to be openly carrying a firearm, refused to comment — but also did not deny — when The Post questioned if he had spent any of the $654,000 he had earned working on the Trump case on costly trips for Willis.

Willis is the Fulton County District Attorney who prosecuted the former president and 18 co-defendants on election interference allegations.

In late 2021, she hired Wade, her alleged secret boyfriend and a private attorney with the Atlanta-based Wade & Campbell Firm, to handle the matter.

The special prosecutor arrived at his law office outside Atlanta, Georgia, at about 1.45 p.m. on Thursday in a silver Audi A8 L 4.2 Quattro, which retails for more than $100,000 new.

He walked from the luxury limousine to the office wearing a stylish cobalt suit and declined to comment on the alleged affair.

“No,” he snapped when asked if he would take questions.

Wade then looked to be holding a gun in one hand as he exited the building.

Georgia is an open carry state even without a permit, and The Post makes no allegations that Wade committed any wrongdoing.

In a shocking motion filed Monday by Michael Roman, one of Trump’s 18 co-defendants in Willis’ Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) probe, the co-prosecutors were accused of having an “improper” and “clandestine” relationship.

Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade leaves with revolver after Fani Willis affair news, doesn't deny tryst

The court complaint claimed, without providing evidence, that Wade used legal fees provided by the Fulton County DA’s office to pay for expensive vacations with Willis in Florida, Napa Valley, and the Caribbean.

According to the motion and county documents, the DA appears to have “solely authorized” his remuneration, which reached nearly $700,000 in 2021-2022 alone.

“Willis and Wade had engaged in a personal relationship both before and after Willis appointed Wade as the special prosecutor in the instant case,” the complaint alleges.

“Willis and Wade were romantically involved prior to Willis awarding a legal services contract to Wade.” It is unclear when the connection began, although it started while Wade was married.”

According to records, Wade filed for divorce from his wife, Joycelyn, in November 2021, after 26 years of marriage – the same month he began working for the Fulton County DA’s office.

The couple has two grown children together.

Despite having no prior expertise in prosecuting a complex RICO Act case like the one against Trump and his cronies, the lawyer was awarded the contract, which began on November 1, 2021.

According to the court complaint, the payments paid to Wade by Fulton County, as well as his subsequent purchase of holidays with Willis, may constitute honest services fraud, a federal offense in which a vendor gives a kickback to an employer.

It went on to say that the district attorney “personally benefited from an undisclosed conflict of interest.”

According to the motion, this might also be charged under the federal racketeering act.

Roman is charged with seven counts related to alleged interference in Georgia’s 2020 presidential election, including a violation of the Georgia RICO Act, conspiracy to impersonate a public officer, conspiracy to commit forgery in the first degree, and conspiracy to make false statements and write false documents.

He is now demanding that Willis be disqualified and the case be dismissed, claiming a conflict of interest and that she is incentivized to prosecute the case in order to continue earning “lucrative amounts.”

Willis’ spokeswoman, Pallavi Bailey, stated that the DA’s office will respond to Roman’s charges “through appropriate court filings.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a criminal misconduct complaint against Willis on Wednesday, citing claims that Willis may have benefited financially by employing her alleged lover as special prosecutor.

Willis, meantime, has been summoned to testify in Wade’s divorce proceedings.

According to a court file acquired by The Post, a process server issued a subpoena on Willis at her Atlanta office on Monday morning.

Joycelyn did not respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Andrea Dyer Hasting, her attorney, told The Washington Post that she has an “ethical duty to uphold the court’s order sealing the record that is currently in place,” but that she will file an application to unseal the file.

“Our investigation into Mr. Wade’s behavior is separate and apart from any other court case or proceeding.” “We anticipate that all issues raised will be addressed in court,” the statement said.

“Our singular focus is on Ms. Wade and helping her enter a peaceful new chapter in her life.”

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