‘Foul odor’ leads to 13 dogs being rescued from northwest Miami-Dade residence

A guy was arrested Tuesday after police discovered many dogs with sores at his residence in northwest Miami-Dade.

Miami-Dade police said they were monitoring Northwest 102nd Street and Northwest 17th Avenue at 4 p.m. when they noticed a bad odor coming from a nearby property as if something had died.

According to an arrest complaint, police on the sidewalk parallel to Northwest 17th Avenue discovered several dogs kept in multiple cages outside a property around the 1500 block of 102nd Street without food or water after looking through a hole in a fence.

Police stated the dogs in such kennels had sores and showed symptoms of starvation.

A Miami-Dade Animal Control specialist was dispatched to the residence and spoke with the home’s owner, who police identified as 26-year-old Richard Earl Gainous.

According to the report, police were able to determine that one female dog, around 7 years old, had been the victim of animal abuse and was on the verge of death if she did not receive quick care.

Investigators also determined that a male dog living in Gainous’ home was malnourished.

According to police, Gainous permitted them to enter his home to check on further dogs housed inside.

As per the arrest report, Gainous was unable to offer proper documentation for the dogs at his residence or to prove a history of veterinary appointments.

According to police, Miami-Dade County Animal Services impounded 13 dogs on the premises.

After being arrested, Gainous consented to speak with detectives without an attorney present, according to police.

Gainous’ arrest record does not say whether he admitted to the accusations, but detectives confirmed that he was brought to jail, and his bond amount has yet to be set.

According to jail records, he is charged with one offense of animal cruelty with the intent to hurt or kill, as well as another act of animal cruelty.

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